In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the girl & the fig, LLC has made the decision to temporarily close our businesses effective Monday, March 16th.


We want to do what we can do to curb the spread of germs and the virus, and we believe that this is in the best interest of public health.  This was an extremely difficult decision to make as our staff needs the work and our guests have been coming to show us their support with their patronage.  However, we are taking a cue from the many large cancellations that are happening in conferences, tech, sports, entertainment, school districts, and more. We know this will be a financial challenge for all of us, but we know it is the right decision on this day. 


We care deeply for our fig family and loyal guests and want to see them when we reopen. As you can imagine, we want to reopen as soon as possible.  As things continue to pivot, we will keep you posted with updates on our websites and our social pages.


We hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy!

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